Mise à jour 2.1 : PvP, Niveau de collection, Chefs, Figurines, Rareté, Armées et Donjons

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La mise à jour 2.1 de Warcraft Rumble a été déployée au cours de la nuit. Celle-ci apporte plusieurs modifications du côté du PvP, du Niveau de collection, des chefs, des figurines, de la rareté, des armées et des donjons. Retrouvez l'ensemble des détails dans le patch notes complet ci-dessous.

Patch notes 2.1

Update 2.1.0 is here and we’ve updated the Player versus Player experience, Collection Levels, Dungeons and more!

Player versus Player
Level caps in PvP have been reworked and are now based on Leader Honor. We will continue to monitor the PvP experience and adjust as needed.

Leader HonorLevel Cap
0 - 9991
1,000 - 1,9993
2,000 - 2,9995
3,000+No Level Cap
  • Levels in PvP before a cap is applied will continue to be the Mini’s total level divided by 3 and rounded up.
  • Players will always match with other players in their level cap range.

Collection Level
Collection level has been reworked to include total levels as well as Mini rarity. Previously each Collection Level required 5 Mini rarities, now each Collection Level requires 50 points.

  • Mini Rarities are worth 5 points each.
  • Each Mini level earned from XP is worth 1 point.

Developer Note: This rewards a wider, more evenly leveled collection that lowers the barrier to experimenting with different Minis. Most current players should see a nice collection level bump from this change as well.


  • Bloodmage Thalnos
    • Levels gained from Dark Ritual now cap at 10.
  • Sneed
    • The Land Grab Talent levels now cap at 10.
      • Land Grab will now only trigger from Sneed’s Leader Ability, Sneed Before Greed, instead of all non-passive gold gains.


  • Even more Talent icons have been updated!
  • The rate at which Talents appear in the G.R.I.D. has been adjusted. The goal is to not overload players with open Talent slots.

Obtaining a copy of a Mini at a higher rarity than Common will now always reward the full number of Star Points for that rarity, regardless of whether this was an upgrade or not.

RarityStar Points Rewarded

The Arc Energy cost to upgrade to each rarity has been rebalanced.

RarityArc Energy Cost
Common to Uncommon500
Uncommon to Rare2,000
Rare to Epic8,000
Epic to Legendary20,000

Developer Note: Arc Energy costs were too back-loaded. This rebalancing slightly reduces the amount of total Arc Energy needed to progress from Common to Legendary, and smooths out the progression ramp to make more sense with the amount players can earn.


  • Player-chosen Army Upgrades (the bottom row) can now be rerolled immediately after obtaining them. Previously this required an upgrade in each bottom row slot first.
  • Army Upgrade rerolls now cost 250 Arc Energy (was 50 Coins).
  • Cosmetics! You can now select a loadout of Emote, a Kobold Miner skin, and a set of Tower skins for each army. Tower skins have variants for each tower type (Guard, Rocket, and Dragon), so be sure to check them all out! Skin selection will appear once the first skin has been collected.


  • When defeating a dungeon with an army that is significantly higher level than the dungeon, that leader will be able to advance multiple dungeon levels at a time and earn all of the rewards for the jumped levels at once, including upgrades.
    • Leaders can advance up to 3 levels at a time until the dungeon reaches 2 levels below their average army level, rounded up.
    • Rewards for the jumped levels will be granted upon beating the final boss of the dungeon.
  • Dungeons have a variety of new relics to choose from, including relics that affect your towers! Delve into the dungeon to discover them all!
  • Really Big Candle now increases your Kobold’s level by 20, down from 25, and correctly applies to only Kobolds.
  • Dungeon relic choices for each particular leader and level now naturally reroll each day.

Additional Changes

  • Missing sigils are now re-earnable by replaying the corresponding campaign mission.
  • Many other issues have been addressed and adjustments made!

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