Une nouvelle phase de test débute pour Warcraft Rumble !

Avec un changement de nom au passage !
Arkentass | 08/08/2023 à 19h30 - 6

Comme l'annonce Blizzard dans un article publié à l'instant sur le site officiel, une nouvelle phase de test débute aujourd'hui pour Warcraft Rumble, qui est désormais disponible à toutes et tous aux Philippines à l'occasion d'une Soft Launch dans ce pays. Suivront ensuite ceux indiqués sur la carte. Au passage, le titre change de nom. Retrouvez les détails ci-dessous !

Note : Une fois disponible dans les pays indiqués, la progression sera conservée au lancement.

Article officiel

Warcraft Rumble has entered a new phase in development and is unleashing joyous chaos beginning in the Philippines with a new testing phase along with an updated name. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is now Warcraft Rumble.

Pre-Register Today

Pre-register on the Warcraft Rumble official site today to take part in future soft launches or to be notified of the official launch. Android users can also pre-register by visiting the Google Play store now. Stay tuned to the official site for information on when pre-orders become available on the Apple Store.

Warcraft Rumble Minimum Requirements

Available on iOS and Android.


  • iPhone 7 and higher
  • iOS 12 and higher
  • RAM – 2GB of RAM and higher


  • CPU - Snapdragon 820 and higher
  • GPU - OpenGLES 3.0 and higher
  • Android 5.1 (API level 22) and higher
  • RAM - 3GB of RAM and higher

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Message officiel

Warcraft Rumble’s closed beta has ended, and we’re getting ready to enter Soft Launch—with a whole host of new and improved features, thanks to player feedback! 

Starting today with a short testing phase in the Philippines, we will be rolling out access to select regions over the following weeks and months as we apply the final layer of polish as we prepare for our worldwide launch.

Features that have been added or reworked since the start of our closed beta include:· 

  • Arclight Surge - revisit familiar maps with a brand-new twist!· 
  • Heroic Campaign - an extra layer of handcrafted difficulty for those up for the challenge!· 
  • New Zones – Darkshore and The Hinterlands make their miniaturized appearance in Warcraft Rumble.· 
  • New Dungeons – familiar foes await (in miniature form!) within Gnomeregan and the Deadmines.· 
  • Leaders and Talents – new talents have been added for every mini, including our newest leader Old Murk-Eye.· 
  • PvP Overhaul – our PvP system has been transformed, and now features seasons with rotating maps and modifiers.· 
  • And so much more! 

Finally, as you may have already noticed...our name has changed! We’ve dropped the “Arclight,” but ingenious gnomish engineering is still an integral part of our DNA. Our new name is just a bit shorter, a bit snappier, and straight to the point – just like a round of Warcraft Rumble!

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