Beta fermée : Blizzard parle des modifications apportées au PvE dans le Patch 0.9.5

Campagne, Fonctionnalités et Systèmes, Interface
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Après un article dédié aux modifications qui seront apportées au PvP avec le Patch 0.9.5, Blizzard parle cette fois-ci de ce qui nous attend du côté du PvE, avec la Campagne et l'ajout des Hinterlands et de Sombrivage, les fonctionnalités et systèmes ainsi que l'interface. Retrouvez toutes les infos ci-dessous.

Article officiel

Go toe-to-toe against your foes with some high-impact PvE action. We’ve made campaign improvements, updated feature unlocks, and more!


A faster campaign journey means players get into the chaos sooner, so we’ve made some changes, such as streamlining early missions, unlocking many features earlier in the player’s journey, and more:

  • The Progress Tracker now advances for any Map victory.
  • Zones now advance one level per zone instead of two.
  • New Zones! Hinterlands and Darkshore have been added.

Features and Systems

We’ve made some changes to the Quest and XP system, Daily Rewards, and the Free Gift:

  • We’re changing the current Quest reward track to "Daily Rewards", which functions similarly, but provides players credit for completing Campaign Missions, Conquests, PvP matches, and Quests.
  • We looked at XP and did a tuning pass to make Quests more lucrative by lowering the quest cap and adjusting XP tables.
  • Arclight Surge dual Families have been significantly redesigned to be a synergistic army featuring two leaders from different families.
  • The Big Red Button is a new feature that allows players to refresh the G.R.I.D.
  • Improvements have been made to the Free Gift:
    • It is now available every four hours. If you do not claim it, it will accrue in the background at full value for up to 24 hours, after which it will continue to accrue, but more slowly.
    • Free Gifts can proc a higher rarity with Coin and Big Red Button bonus rewards.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Minis in the player’s Inventory can now be filtered by “Trait”.
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